Since the 1990s the government formulated and implemented a series of sector specific, macro-economic and other broad based-national development policies guided by the National Development Vision 2025, which presents the national vision and aspirations for economic and social development.

 However, the economy continues to face challenges of pervasive and persistent poverty. The Government has been taking several measures and actions through policies, strategies and plans to address the challenge but much need to be done in order to register more phenomenal achievements in poverty reduction.

 Strategies and policies towards achieving the Vision goals include: National Employment Policy (1997), National Poverty Eradication Strategy (1997), Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (2000) and currently the National Strategy for Growth and Reduction of Poverty (NSGRP) also known as MKUKUTA. To ensure effective use of external resources the Government developed and adopted the Tanzania Assistance Strategy (TAS) in 2002. Currently, the Government is developing a Joint Assistance Strategy (JAS) which aims at aligning all participating donors’ requirements, practices and process for preparing, delivering and monitoring aid to a single country assistance strategy.

Along with the implementation of MDGs, Tanzania is also implementing the Johannesburg Plan of implementation and the Kyoto Protocol through national water, human settlement, and the environment policies.

 The 2005 ECOSOC Substantive Session focused on the Millennium Development Goals, a set of internationally agreed targets set by world leaders five years ago, and seek to provide concrete recommendations on how to achieve them. The Goals range from halving extreme poverty to halting the spread of HIV/AIDS and providing universal primary education, all by 2015.

 The 2005 ECOSOC Substantive Session was divided into 3 segments: High-Level Segment, Coordination Segment, Humanitarian Segment, Operational Activities and General Segment.

 ECOSOC Country Report on the Implementation status of the MDGs